New black HDPE for cable/wire grade



Product Description

New black HDPE for cable/wire grade 1. 
This product is used as sheath of optical cable, submarine optical fiber cable, power cable, the highest temperature is 70.

Melt Flow Index g/10min ≤0.5 ASTM D1238
Density g/cm3 0.945-0.987 ASTM D1505
tensile strength  Mpa ≥20.0 ASTM D638
Elongation at break % ≥650 ASTM D638
Brittle temperature at low temperature °C ≤-76 ASTM D746
ESCR ,FO H ≥500 ASTM D1693
Oxidation induction period at 200°C Min ≥30 ASTM D3895
Content of Carbon black % 2.60±0.25 ASTM D1603
Carbon Black dispersion -- ≥6 GB2951
Absorption coeffcient -- ≥400  
Ceka softening point °C ≥110 ASTM D1525
Dielectric strength Mv/m ≥25 ASTM D149
Volume resistivity Ω.m ≥1*1014 ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant -- ≤2.75 ASTM D1505

packing & Delivery

Product packaging

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