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  GMP Manufacturer Albendazole Bolus Tablet 300mg 600mg for Animal Use Only

Function Parasite Drugs
Product Name Albendazole
Composition Albendazole Bolus 150mg;
Albendazole Bolus 250mg;
Albendazole Bolus 600mg;
Albendazole Bolus 1500mg;
Albendazole Bolus 2500mg.
Appearance White or almost white powder tablet.
Indication Albendazole is highly effective against round worms, lung worms, tape worms and liver flukes.
It is effective against immature and mature worms.
Dosage and Administration For oral administration of albendazole tablet 600mg
calves and cattle: 1pc albendazole tablet per 120 kg body weight.
For liver-fluke: 1 pc albendazole tablet per 70 kg body weight.
sheep and goats: 1 pc albendazole tablet per 70 kg body weight.
For animals with liver-fluke disease: 1 pc albendazole tablet per 60 kg body weight.
Side Effects Hypersensitivity reactions.
Precaution (1)This product shouldn't be used to milch cow.
(2)Neither 45 days before pregnancy.
Withdrawal Period Meat for human cosumption: 12 days
Milk for human consumption: 4 days
Specification (1)Albendazole Bolus 150mg;
(2)Albendazole Bolus 250mg;
(3)Albendazole Bolus 600mg;
(4)Albendazole Bolus 1500mg;
(5)Albendazole Bolus 2500mg.
Storage Tightly sealed and avoid light.

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